Giving Back

Supporting rural communities and eco-friendly and sustainable farming

Clay Lotus believes in more than just natural, ethical skincare.

We believe in being conscientious and considerate of the environment, its inhabitants and doing what we can to help support rural communities and those doing good for the environment.

That's why we carefully source our ingredients from ethical suppliers and farmers to ensure we minimize our environmental impact.

We are proud to say all our products are:

1. Ethically sourced from farmers that use sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

2. Handmade by women from rural communities. They are provided fair wages and skilled training, allowing these wonderful people to help support themselves, their families and lift their communities up.

3. Environmentally friendly as our products are free from harmful artificial chemicals and toxins. Our formulas are also developed to conserve water during processing and in the end product as well to to combat water wastage.

Every purchase you make helps support livelihoods and empower people from rural communities to transform the lives of their families and communities for the better.