A Better Way To Treat Skin

Learning The 'Harsh' Truth About Industry Cosmetics

Artificial chemicals found in typical cosmetics & skincare productsThose who know me well will tell you that there was a time I was willing to put anything on my skin if it would help with my acne. My self-experiments were legendary - from using the latest so-called 'wonder' products from expensive name brands, facial peels, serums to seeing dermatologists and trying different medications.

But nothing seemed to do the trick.

Even when something did work (briefly), it also left my skin raw, sensitive and irritated. My worries increased when I started reading the ingredients and seeing all these artificial chemicals I'd never heard of that made me wonder what damage it could be doing to skin.

The final straw came when I was working as a skin care adviser for a major cosmetics company and testing their latest facial cleanser. A colleague told me to try it on my nail polish and when I did I was in utter shock – It was so harsh it wiped my nail clean! What effect would that have on my skin?

I started looking for natural alternatives only to find companies could claim to have 'natural' products when only 1% of the ingredients were natural! Even the better alternatives still used unnecessary artificial thickeners, gelling agents, strong alcohols and cheap filler ingredients to add volume and save costs.

A Better Way To Treat Skin

100% pure cold-processed organic & natural face wash productsI knew there had to be a better way. That’s when Clay Lotus was born.

I decided to throw out hundreds of dollars’ worth of so-called 'skincare' products and got down to some real research. I looked up natural remedies, the scientific properties of each ingredient, read traditional Ayurvedic treatments and tested it on my skin to see the results. Combined with a holistic approach to better eating and health I couldn’t believe how well it worked. My skin never felt or looked better – clear, calm, and smooth with no nasty side-effects.

I then tested and improved these formulas with my family and friends and it worked so well I knew we had found something special.

When you realise your skin absorbs up to 64% of the contaminants that are applied to it (Source), there really isn’t any doubt that going organic and natural is the best way to nourish your skin.

Our first product, the acne face wash is close to the heart. We hope you love it as much as we do. We are working on some amazing new products that you've never seen before and wanted to thank you for trusting us with your beautiful skin. 

~ Our Skincare Philosophy ~

Certified organic & natural ingredients
Only What Works
It's simple really. If it's not good for your skin, it doesn't go in. We keep out all artificial chemicals, thickeners, fillers, colors and fragrances - and just use the purest certified organic and natural ingredients that purify your skin. 

Cold processed and cold pressed ingredients
Superior Cold-Processing
Cold-processing our ingredients is incredibly beneficial for skin as no heat is used which damages and denatures the ingredients. Our process ensures your skin gets all the nutrients without the heat or harsh chemicals that affect your skin.

Best PETA certified Cruelty free and vegan skincare brands 2017
PETA Certified Vegan
All our products are 100% Certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free. Best of all, there is never any compromise on the effectiveness of our products as we use the finest quality ingredients from nature to ensure your skin gets everything it needs.
Best handmade skincare and cosmetics brands and face wash 2017
Freshly Handmade
All our products are handmade in small batches to ensure maximum freshness. Some of our formulas take over 6-weeks to prepare as the ingredients are carefully aged to perfection. A little patience goes a long way in nature.


~ Birds of a feather ~

Founds of Clay Lotus - Arti Inamdar & Jay InamdarCo-founded by these two love-birds in the summer of 2016, Arti focuses her energy on creating and testing unique formula's for skin by drawing on ancient and modern knowledge of plants and nature. She also blogs on lifestyle and skincare with Jay. Jay works on keeping operations smooth, the website running and getting the word out on social media. In their spare time, they love walking through the local parks and forests, lazy Friday movie nights at home and taking frequent 'cheat days' from their diets after pretending to eat healthy all week. There is also a new found obsession with trying Acro-yoga poses which Jay fears will only end in tears (for him).