Organic Face Wash For Sensitive Skin-LP

Featured Reviews

"I only use gentle 'green' toiletries and cosmetics. My skin is sensitive and on the dry side. So I usually experience some sort of dryness after washing, even with a supposedly hydrating cleanser. This product really does leave my face soft after I wash and the smell is amazing. I love the texture and how it has a gentle lather. The packaging is great too. Very happy with this purchase."


"I love this silky face wash! The feel is soft, smooth, silky, not greasy. The tiniest amount lathers beautifully on my face. I love massaging my face while lathering the wash because it feels so good. My skin is clean, not tight. This was a great find and I'm so happy I bought it!"


"In the past I have tried other face washes that are just too harsh on my sensitive skin, but since ordering this I haven’t had any bad reactions! A little bit goes a long way and it leaves my skin feeling clean but not stripped. I love the smell of the essential oils and how natural the product is compared to a lot of other brands out there. Would recommended trying it!"

Breana S.

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