Organic Face Wash For Acne-prone Skin-LP

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"30 y/o female and I have had infrequent forehead breakouts since I was in high school .Most recently I have been fed up with a breakout that’s lasted 6 months. Have treated it with everything for acne...even treated it as dermatitis using steroids and antihistamines because the acne regime wasn’t working...The reason I had even ordered it was because I read how oil dissolves oil blemishes (which is science, all about the “like dissolves like” principle )...Anyways I tried and within one night it was 50% gone the next morning. Within two nights it was gone almost entirely. I hope this product sticks around forever ! Thank you so much for coming out with this! "


"It is a miracle for my cystic acne I was struggling with. I washed every morning and night for two weeks so far and everything is gone. I will use this for the rest of my life!! I also love how natural the product is with no additives, just using the powers of essential oils."


"By using this incredible face wash I have learned that it is not the makeup on my eyes that I need to change in order for the mascara and eye liner to stop "bleeding" under my eyes, it was the face wash. As soon as I changed to this face wash there was no more raccoon eyes and my eye makeup did not smear onto oily skin. This wash completely controlled my oil skin and made it so that I did not have that hourly shine I used to have to blot off. So happy with this product."

Stacy B.

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